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We are very grateful for donations towards this project. Few periodicals exist like Jay Lit and we want to keep the project going in the long term. The project has great potential to continue successfully. Please contact us at

We offer the following opportunities to African youths:

  • Publication in a quality, visually appealing journal
  • Assistance and coaching to improve their writing
  • Encouragement to take up a career in the arts fields and boosting confidence in their skills and abilities
  • Post-publication promotion (please click here for some examples of how we do so)

We are proudly Pan-African and in 2020 we featured creative works by more than 50 different individuals from 11 different African nations in the journal.

Our main reason for seeking funding is so that we can pay our contributors.

We often find that those who most deserve to be featured in the journal do not want to hand over their work without payment. This is completely understandable and needs to be addressed effectively.

We must help rural youths and those from less privileged backgrounds, otherwise the project will not meet its key goals.

We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss the project in greater detail with potential donors.

Other costs we have are for advertising, graphic design, and general running expenses. Assistance with this would also be greatly appreciated. The administration and leadership of the journal are done by volunteers and we welcome anyone who would like to make non-financial assistance towards this project.

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